October 24, 2023

Kings Secure Technologies (KST) has worked in partnership with Post Office Ltd since 2011, providing a range of intelligence-led security services.

In light of the imminent discontinuation of Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) services by December 31, 2025, Kings Secure Technologies is at the forefront of a significant initiative. This initiative involves the comprehensive upgrade of the Post Office’s network infrastructure, covering more than 7500 branches, aiding in their transition to advanced Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) or Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC) connections.

The Challenge

KST’s primary challenge is the intricate modernisation of the expansive Post Office branch network. This intricate task involves updating network and security systems effectively, ensuring uninterrupted operations in the face of technological change. The challenges we face include the complexity of upgrading thousands of diverse sites, accommodating varied security system requirements, and addressing uncertainties surrounding power supply availability.

The Solution

Phase 1: Laying the Foundation

In the first phase of this initiative, KST are diligently focused on laying the groundwork for success. This entails the installation of Cat 5 cables in branch and the termination of devices connected to the old network. As we complete this phase, the baton is passed to Verizon engineers, who orchestrate the network enhancement and establish connections for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones and pay stations.

Phase 2: Integration and Validation

In the subsequent phase, which occurs within a window of three to 4 days following the Verizon engineer’s activities, a KST technician returns to the branch. Our mission during this phase involves the commissioning of new signalling devices and the rigorous testing of pre-existing connected security devices connected to the new network. Our approach is rooted in meticulous testing protocols tailored to each device’s specifications. By ensuring the functionality of each existing device, we guarantee that every Post Office branch meets the requisite security and operational standards.


Our partnership with Post Office Ltd in response to the imminent PSTN discontinuation exemplifies our commitment to our clients. By collaborating seamlessly with Verizon and Openreach communication provider, KST effectively addresses challenges and executes a meticulously planned upgrade strategy. Our unique blend of strategic planning, transparent communication, and adaptive solutions ensures that Post Office upholds service excellence, security standards, and operational efficiency across its vast branch network. This initiative underscores our dedication to embracing innovation while safeguarding the continuity of essential services.


About the Kings Secure Technologies group of companies

Kings Secure Technologies (KST) is a leading group of companies providing specialist solutions within the Fire & Security sector and operating in a wide range of industries. With our head office based firmly in West Yorkshire and satellite offices in Scotland, the Midlands, East Anglia, London and the South East, we focus on delivering cutting-edge innovative solutions ensuring a full end-to-end risk management approach for our clients. Our fully-protected and highly accredited Technology Monitoring Centres, alongside our data and incident trend app, DYMENSiON and fire risk management solution from Quidvis provide our clients with round-the-clock monitoring and intelligence-led analysis and reporting, actively preventing criminal activity on our clients’ sites.  For more information go to:

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What our Customers say

We wanted a smart-looking, contactless approach to access control here at Little Dot. We love the Openpath solution proposed by KST; it’s sleek, simple to use and has excellent reporting features. What’s more, KST’s inhouse commissioning team remotely configured the software to meet our requirements - including who goes where and when, through which doors, the reporting we need and integration to our fire alarm system. Thanks to this we have saved the cost of two days labour on install!

Greg Rochford
IT Manager - Little Dot Studios

KST has once again exceeded all expectations with their outstanding service. Safety is our number one priority for both our Post Masters and customers, therefore we are always on the lookout for new technologies and new ideas. Morphean platforms, along with the installation and maintenance provided by KST, has been the perfect decision for us due to our existing knowledge of their excellent services and competitive prices.

Mark Dinsdale
Security Programme Manager - Post Office Ltd

The mobilisation was smooth with little involvement required from ourselves. Communication, in particular, has been extremely strong with regular meetings. Monthly management information has been circulated and Clipper are using the real time management information that KST have provided with their DYMENSiON software. We also have working action plans on each site focusing on improvements and change management. All in all I would be happy to recommend KST to any company looking at contract award; our experience has been very positive and I am happy to endorse them.

John Welsh
Head of Bonded & Secure Operations - Clipper

The whole process of mobilisation and onboarding to KST was conducted in an exceptional manner, from start to finish. The preparation for the move between City Plumbing Supplies and KST was comprehensive. Collaboration was very good. The days of transfer were event free and smooth - with no major issues. The branches’ onboarding onto the KST system during the 12 weeks following the mobilisation was completed fully with excellent communication sessions conducted on a weekly basis. We are now looking forward to a long and effective partnership with KST.

Steve Kemp
Security, Audit & Loss Prevention Manager - City Plumbing Supplies

We’ve been delighted with the partnership between ISS and KST and the approach to transferring the access control contract. The teams have gelled quickly to understand our estate and we’ve seen significant service improvements.

Andy Southern
Head of Security - Santander Bank